International patients

Every year we receive a large number of patients from various countries who come seeking help for their problem. 

At New Delhi Spine, we have more than 20 years of experience in minimally invasive spine surgery. We are pioneers in anterior approach ADR (disc replacement surgery), which makes us one of the best-known centers in this speciality at the international level.

Every year, we receive a large number of patients from various countries who come seeking help for their problems, and their need drives us to seek out solutions, through excellence and innovation, with the goal to provide quality of life. To achieve this, we've extremely qualified professionals and therefore the support of the most recent technology.

In addition, we provide a patient Dynamic Life Recovery System (DLRS) program that enables us to attach along with your desires and guarantee improved expertise for you.
This program is thoroughly integrated with the services we offer, which you can find out by contacting us.

Number of Artificial disc replacements & lumbar disc replacement: 500+ per year

Minimal invasive surgeries approx 450+ per year

About New Delhi Spine:

New Delhi Spine was created in 2007 by Dr. V. Anand Naik, and a specialized team for ADR, Joint Disorders, Cervical, lumbar, and Dorsal Spine Treatment in New Delhi. With our international patients in mind, we choose the name New Delhi Spine so they could easily identify our geographical location.

Since that time, New Delhi Spine has grown exponentially because of the treatment that we have offered to our patients. In keeping with this growth and expanded geographical presence, we have decided to designate New Delhi Spine as the single unifying name for our both national and international activity, ceasing to use the name New Delhi Spine.

Why choose us?


All the New Delhi Spine are highly dedicated and work with the common goal of improving the lives of patients. Our medical team is multidisciplinary, which allows us to offer the best solution from different points of view, offering the most effective alternatives for each problem.

Our patient Dynamic Life Recovery System (DLRS)

At the New Delhi Spine we have a patient Dynamic Life Recovery System (DLRS) program that forms part of all stages of treatment. What is the goal of this program? For the patient to feel accompanied by our professionals at all times and the factors that may cause stress before surgery are reduced. To achieve this we have established protocols:

To facilitate all phases of this program, we have various channels of communication available to you: Telephone, WhatsApp, email. In addition, since in the case of international patients, most of them cannot come to the centre in person before coming for the operation, we offer a FREE virtual assessment with the possibility of scheduling a videoconference by Skype, Zoom and what's app with the doctor

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