Specific solutions for pathologies of the cervical spine

At New Delhi Spine we are experts in a variety of surgical procedures for treating pathologies of this part of the spine.

Treatments of the cervical spine in Delhi

Each problem of the spine must be treated in a specific way according to different factors, such as the area it is located and the condition it is in.  In the event that surgery is necessary, our multidisciplinary medical team chooses the most appropriate treatment based on an individual assessment of each patient.

Best Cervical spine Specialist Treatments Hospital in Delhi | New Delhi Spine

Microdiscectomy for arthroplasty

This is one of the most minimally invasive and safest surgeries for treating a herniated cervical disc.

Microdiscectomy for fusion

Cervical arthrodesis (fusion) is indicated for herniated disc and spinal canal stenosis, among other lesions.

Cervical laminectomy

Used for treating degenerative pathologies of the cervical spine where the spinal canal is constricted causing compression of the spinal cord.

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