At New Delhi Spine, we believe that the people who make up our team are what makes us great. Every member of our team seeks professional excellence with equal drive, and with a sense of humanity that allows us to connect with the needs of our patients. It is very important to us that our patients feel confident in placing their trust in all of our professionals.

At the New Delhi Spine, we work as a coordinated team to ensure the best service. We have a multidisciplinary medical team that approaches and analyzes the problems of our patients from different points of view in order to offer the best solution. The commitment and involvement of all our staff are the driving forces that allow us to be leaders in our field.

In addition, we have the most cutting-edge technology, which combined with the high qualification of our professionals allows us to carry out effective solutions that improve the quality of life of patients. Find out more about the professional and academic careers of the people who make up the New Delhi Spine team.

Medical team

DR. V Anand Naik

Spine Surgeon and director of New Delhi Spine


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