During surgery

At New Delhi Spine we want our patients to feel safe and empowered during treatment. To ensure this, we have an itinerary adapted to the needs of each patient.

We ensure that the patient has the best experience possible

Undergoing medical treatment or surgery can create feelings of stress. Thanks to our patient preparation program, in the previous phase we worked to reduce these sensations and make it easier for the patient to play an active role and feel strong at this point in the medical process

In order for this to continue to be the case during the operation, we follow a series of steps that aim to ensure that the patient feels supported by the medical team at all times and is confident of being in the best hands. 

This is the itinerary we follow for this stage of the program:

  • The patient waits in a waiting room during the hour before surgery.
  • Whenever possible, we ask the patient to walk into the operating room. This boosts the patient’s sense of empowerment.
  • Medication with analgesics and morphine is withdrawn gradually.
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy begins between 6-12 hours after surgery, depending on whether the surgery was instrumented or non-instrumented.
  • 6 hours after surgery, oral feeding begins and the patient may resume any medications they usually take.

Apart from this, another fundamental aspect for the patient's well-being is how their relatives or companions are treated, so our program takes them into account. Relatives or companions can accompany the patient from their exit from the operating room and one of them can stay in the patient’s room during the hospital stay. In addition, we keep them informed in detail about the surgical process and the patient’s evolution after surgery, either in person or by phone in the cases when they have not been able to physically accompany the patient.  

With these actions we are able to make the patient’s experience during the operation and hospitalization much more pleasant, which in turn, has a positive impact on the patient’s recovery.

Before the operation
Before the operation

We prepare our patients physically and emotionally to come to their surgery in the best state possible. We accompany them, and answer any questions they have in order to reduce the stress that facing a medical procedure can cause. 

After surgery
After surgery

After the surgery, we give our patients what they need to help them recover, both while they are still in the hospital and after they have gone home, so that they can achieve the recovery possible. We set up a plan with an appointment to review the surgery, and monthly follow-ups. In addition, we are available to answer any questions. 

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