New Delhi Spine is home to the top specialist for the spine related problem

With our expert knowledge and experience, we make an accurate diagnosis to find the ideal solution for each patient


New Delhi Spine’s specialized team

We are a united specialized team, made up of doctors, nurses and administrative staff, working together to give our patients the best service during all phases of treatment.

What treatments and techniques do we use?

We use the most effective and least invasive treatments.

Patient care

At New Delhi Spine we have a Dynamic Life Recovery System (DLRS) program to ensure that the patient feels supported at every stage of the process.

We stand out for our commitment to minimally-invasive surgical techniques

Through our specialization in innovative techniques, use of the most cutting-edge technology, and special focus on patient care, we provide a truly different, high-quality medical service.

Best Spine Specialist doctor In Delhi, PSRI Multispeciality Hospital

Number of Artificial disc replacements & lumbar disc replacement: 500+ per year

Best Spine Specialist doctor In Delhi NCR

Minimal invasive surgeries approx 450+ per year


An end to back pain is possible, and our team is ready to help you achieve it. Take the first step by contacting us.

Treatments of the Spine at New Delhi Spine

The treatments we offer our patients are based on a sound diagnosis, which allows us to identify the state and possible evolution of the patient’s problem. This way, we adapt the treatment to each patient, choosing the most appropriate treatment in each case, which can range from conservative solutions to surgery.

Artificial disc replacements (ADR)




The First 3D Printed Vertebral Body Replacement of India and Third Team in the World.


Spine surgery: in which cases is it recommended?

Spine surgery may be the most effective treatment for some pathologies that occur in this part of the body, but whether or not surgical treatment is recommended, and what type of surgery is recommended, will depend on the condition of the patient’s spine and a variety of other factors. The experts at New Delhi Spine tell you about it here. 

Do you have any questions?

If you would like more information about New Delhi Spine, please contact us so we can assist you personally.


Tell us about your case, request an appointment or ask us a question.


Do you live outside of India? We have a specialized team that will attend you personally.


Best Spine Specialist Doctor in PSRI Multispeciality Hospital, Delhi

Dr. V. Anand naik is the best spine specialist doctor in PSRI Multispeciality Hospital, Delhi for all spine problems, The treatment he and his team offers to patients is based on a sound diagnosis, which allows identifying the state and possible solution for the patient’s problem. Which makes him and his team the best spine and pain specialists in Delhi.

At the New Delhi Spine, we work as a coordinated team to ensure the best spine treatment in PSRI Multispeciality Hospital, Delhi. We have a multidisciplinary medical team that approaches and analyzes the problems of our patients from different points of view to offer the best treatment for spine problems in Delhi and NCR. The commitment and involvement of all our staff are the driving forces that allow us to be leaders in our field.

Our center is at PSRI Multispeciality Hospital, in Delhi with high-quality modern facilities, where we have all the equipment, the latest technology, and the necessary services to offer the best patient care by the best Spine Surgeons. We offer the Best Slipped disc treatment in Delhi. Best Sciatica Leg pain treatment in Delhi. Best scoliosis treatment in Delhi.

New Delhi Spine Location

Our centre is in Delhi at PSRI Multispeciality Hospital, Delhi with high-quality modern facilities, where we have all the equipment, the latest technology and the necessary services to offer the best patient care.

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