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Different Types of Spine Surgery

Every time we move, our spine provides stability and strength to our bodies. Furthermore, the spinal vertebrae (bones) protect our spinal cord. As a result, any issues with our spine must be addressed by an experienced Spine surgeon.

To address your pain or debilitating back issues, minimally invasive methods such as pain injections will be tried first. If none of these work, your Spine may recommend minimally invasive spine surgery.

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 Spinal Stenosis Lumbar Decompression Surgery in Delhi

Lumbar decompression surgery, also known as lumbar laminectomy, is used to treat spinal stenosis, or spinal canal narrowing. The surgeon will remove all or part of the lamina that is causing excruciating pain by pressing against the spine.

Pressure is placed on the spinal cord in spinal stenosis due to the narrowing of the spinal canal with age. The purpose of surgery is to widen the canal and thus relieve the pressure. The surgeon may have to remove bone spurs or excess tissue.

Discectomy (Lumbar) surgery in Delhi

A Lumbar Discectomy is a type of spine surgery that involves removing an injured disc from the patient’s lower back. There are two approaches to lumbar discectomy: minimally invasive arthroscopic discectomy and open spine surgery. The more common treatment for a lumbar herniated disc is open spine surgery.

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Herniated Disc surgery in Delhi

The surgeon will remove part or all of the injured disc during a herniated disc repair surgery. To relieve disc pain, the doctor may remove the disc entirely and allow the two adjacent vertebrae to fuse together.

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 Fusion of the Spine

The surgeon connects two adjacent vertebrae during a spinal fusion to avoid pain caused by their movement against each other. The surgeon connects the vertebrae with small screws and rods, which are then left to heal and fuse together naturally. The doctor may also take a small bone graft from another part of your body to aid in the fusion of the vertebrae.



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