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5 Myths about Spine surgery

Myths about Spine surgery

Myths about spine surgery, Even after trying everything, you’re still experiencing back discomfort.
You’ve tried painkillers, massages, and workouts, but they haven’t helped?

The following concern is whether I require spine surgery.

Making the decision to have spine surgery is made more challenging by the numerous misconceptions that have been created about spinal operations. Before making any decisions, you must first understand all of these myths and the facts underneath them. The best course of action is always to follow your doctor’s advice since they can advise you on whether or not surgery is a viable option for your particular spinal issue.


Myths about Spine surgery #1: Spinal surgery will be almost often a significant operation.

Any time a spinal procedure is carried out, it doesn’t always imply that it will be a really complex procedure. There is no reason to be scared even if it is normal to think of spine surgery as severe surgery. There are several minimally invasive spine operations, in which the spinal issue is fixed by a little incision rather than a major cut.

Myths about Spine surgery #2: Spine physicians always advise having your spine surgery.

Surgery is one option for spine issues, but it is not the only one. A spine surgeon will always advise starting with traditional treatments like medication, physical therapy, and other available methods to treat your spine issue. A spine surgeon will only resort to surgery as a last option. You will go through a variety of tests, and after a great deal of observation and evaluation of the test results, you will have spine surgery.


Myth #3: Recovery after spine surgery is a very difficult process.

Every patient feels discomfort after surgery, which is a common phenomenon. Following surgery, pain may be severe for one or two days before gradually subsiding. You can experience mild to moderate pain for the first couple of weeks after surgery, but it won’t be unbearable.

Myths of Spine surgery


Myth #4: Successful spine operations are FEW.

It’s not true, Few Surgeries can fail occasionally, and another reason is because of other complications in the patient. People who are unable to heal completely may require additional time to recuperate.

More importantly, you must discuss your surgical expectations with your doctor. Doctors and patients must spend time together discussing all aspects of their rehabilitation and the risks of surgery.


Myth #5: Recovery from spinal surgery takes months in bed.

No, it is not true in all cases because recovery time for minimally invasive spinal procedures is extremely short. However, open spinal surgery requires more time to recover because longer incisions in the back take longer to heal.

The treatment area to be operated on is reduced with minimally invasive spinal surgery, and patients are not required to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time following surgery. Some patients may even be discharged the same day.

Myths about spine surgeries

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