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Sciatic Leg Pain during Pregnancy

Sciatic Nerve problem and pregnancy


Sciatic Nerve problems, The body experiences plenty of physical changes during pregnancy. As the baby, develop body needs some adjustments. Sometimes that results in unfamiliar aches and pains.
A common problem faced by pregnant women is sciatic nerve pain which is commonly called sciatica or lumbar radiculopathy(Sciatic Nerve Problems), is described as a “radiating pain” that travels from the sciatic nerve, located within the lower spine, down the rear of your thigh. The largest nerve in the body is the sciatica nerve and one of the main nerves in the legs.

Symptoms of sciatic nerve problems

  • A feeling of burning sensation in the lower back and buttocks
  • sciatic nerve problem
  • Pain that travels from your pelvis down the back of your leg

sciatic nerve problems

  • A sudden jolt of pain that’s often compared to an electric shock


  • There is a Pain in the leg which worsens during coughing, sneezing, or sitting for a long time


  • Numbness, muscle weakness, or tingling in one leg or foot

Things to Do If You Have Sciatic Nerve Pain


1. Take a hot shower or use a hot pad. This will relax the tight muscles, which is due to having extra weight around the legs or buttocks. A chilled massage bag also gives relief to the lower back or pelvis area.

2. Keep moving. Rest is vital, and it’s tempting to twist up into a ball when your body hurts. However, gentle movement is usually more helpful in the long run. You must continue to simply walk which helps in relieving pain. A prenatal yoga class is additionally a great way to soothe your muscles and mind. Too much of bending and twisting around the lower back or pelvis must be avoided. Low-impact activities like swimming can also be beneficial.

3. Get a massage. Some studies show that prenatal massage can reduce stress, improve blood circulation, and even regulate hormones.

4. See a physiotherapist who will evaluate the condition and gives you the best advice for stretching and muscle strengthening exercises to reduce the sciatic nerve pain

5. It’s advised to sleep on the other side of your body where there is no pain which gives some relief to a compressed nerve. Keeping a pillow to give support is another piece of advice to help in reducing sciatic pain.

If you will not get relief with all the above it’s time to consult the best spine specialist who has the expertise of Sciatica Leg Pain Treatment in Delhi.

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