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Get full Back Pain knowledge

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Get Full back pain knowledge
If I am Feeling Back pain do I need to worry?
No almost all of us in our lifetime feel back pain. It is sometimes severe or sometime light but usually got relieves in few days or weeks time. But yes long term Back pain needs attention of an expert to see the cause. The case required surgery or urgent care are rare .

You must consult your Spine surgeon if you-

  • Have numbness or weakness in your legs
  • Recently had a fall or an injury to your back
  • Have problems with bladder or bowel control
  • Have a fever or feel sick in other ways
  • Have unexplained weight loss
  • Take steroid medicine, such as prednisone, on a regular basis
  • Have diabetes or a medical problem that weakens your immune system
  • Have a history of cancer or osteoporosis

You should also see a doctor if:

  • If you feel long back pain which does not subside even after 1 month
  • If you feel back pain while doing simple task
  • Why I Feel Back Pain – There are many Different reasons that causes the Back Pain. Exact reason not known to any one. Usually when there is strain in muscle Back pain starts. It starts suddenly after doing some physical activity while lifting something, or bending in hurry. These back pains can be relieved soon .Following are the reason in which may the Back pain requires a Medical Intervention-
  • Damaged, bulging, or torn discs
  • A vertebra out of place
  • Narrowing in the spinal canal
  • Arthritis affecting the joints of the spine
  • Bony growths on the vertebrae that crowd nearby nerves
  • A tumor or infection (but this is very rare)

Do I need to go for any test to find out – Most people do not need an imaging test such an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI. Most cases of back pain go away a few weeks. Doctors usually do not order imaging tests unless there are signs of something unusual.
If your doctor does not order an imaging test, do not worry. They can still learn a lot about your pain just from looking you over and talking with you.
If No Imaging test done how a doctor can say about my Back Pain reason – Simple an expert Spine doctor knows the symptoms of root cause of pain .

So we suggest when you have a Back pain for long time say more than a Month you should consult Best Back Pain expert

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